King Mo thinks you don’t care about him

Kings are used to a certain way of life which I assume includes being fed peeled grapes while having their feet rubbed. I’d love to be a king, but I really don’t have the blood for it. Saying that, neither did the self-appointed “last king of Scotland” . Then again, he was one of the craziest dictators in all of history and probably had cannibalistic tendencies. Kings, especially self-appointed ones, get mad when their demands are not met, and we’re not just talking about Idi Amin here. King Mo is not a happy monarch at all.

The drama surrounding UFC on Fox as well as the whole Diaz debacle have somewhat overshadowed this weekend’s Strikeforce show. Check out the video below where he talks about his fight with Roger Gracie as well as the lack of media at the Strikeforce presser. While he may be annoyed, all he can do is keep it real. One important thing we should note from this MMAWeekly video is the battle beard that King Mo is sporting. That could be the deciding factor in this fight, you never know. [Source]

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