King Mo is now a free agent and fighting Don Frye

When I was in Mandalay Bay I saw King Mo posted up near a corner texting someone. The most horrific thing about that scene was that he was without his harem of japanese ‘fly’ girls in tight butt shorts dancing in front of him. Whenever you think of King Mo, hot japanese chicks should start dancing in your head. Imagine a really small japanese chicks climb in your ear and have a dance party entirely on top of your brain. That would be the strangest thing that medical science could not even begin to explain…but that’s practically what happens everytime King Mo enters the arena. Now there’s a chance that King Mo will have to leave the chicks in Japan. He just finished his 4 fight contract with Sengoku (making him 4-0) and it’s time to move on to other things (that don’t include a harem of hot japanense chicks. Bummer). On the bright side (which is the wtf side), King Mo is signed to fight Don Frye in August. And you thought tiny japanese chicks dancing on top of your brain was weird…[Source]




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