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King Mo doesn’t care what you think, he’s getting paid and he’s loving it

King Mo doesn’t care what you think, he’s getting paid and he’s loving it

For those who insist the King Mo needs to be booed before he enters the cage: what’s your reasoning behind this? Perhaps you’re upset that he used to come out with a crew of dancers that threw rose petals in his path. Is that the only reason why you ‘hate’ on this guy? Realistically, who wouldn’t want a group of women to accommodate them to their office? If it’s jealousy, then I completely understand. If only I had a bunch of fly-girls follow me as I made toast and then walked back to my computer, then I could truly notch that activity off my bucket list. Instead, I have an army of roaches that greet me, usually inches from my face when I wake up. It’s an interesting dynamic inside my apartment, and it usually involves endless cans of Raid.

After LayzieTheSavage and King Mo spent hours rocking arcades at ‘Insert Coins‘ in Las Vegas in hopes to see who truly is the supreme Double Dragon player, Mo wanted to convey a message to everyone that has ill opinions for him. The truth is, he doesn’t care what you think. He’s getting paid, and he’s loving it.

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