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Video: Khabib talking sh*t to Conor during main event, “you want to talk now?”

Video: Khabib talking sh*t to Conor during main event, “you want to talk now?”

Over 24 hours removed from the UFC 229 brawl and I think we’re okay with it all. This video of Khabib Nurmagomedov never breaking kayfabe during round two is what sold us.

Fight promotion? Doing what’s best for business? Selling the fight? Khabib Nurmagomedov is not down with any of that. It’s real to him dammit.

Just further proof that MMA is not a game at all. Nurmagomedov took all of Conor McGregor’s pre-fight salesmanship to heart and bottled it all up. Then when the bell for round one at UFC 229 sounded, Nurmagomedov took at all of his frustrations out on Mystic Mac.

After Mac tapped out to a freaking neck crank, Nurmagomedov was still not satisfied. We really think he wanted to beat-up on Conor more and was upset he tapped so quickly. He wanted his pound of flesh.

Instead of actual flesh, the UFC lightweight champion tried to beat the hell out of Dillon Danis and nearly started a riot.

In case you missed it, because we did, here is video of Khabib talking all kinds of smack to McGregor right in the middle of the fight. We all remember Khabib’s coming out party at UFC 205 when he ruthlessly talked trash to Michael Johnson as he was stealing his soul from him.

At UFC 229, Nurmagomedov took it to a whole new level and talked so much shit to Conor as he was punking him. This is classic Russian ground and pound that you can only learn from training with bears.

“You no good bear. You a real bear? Show me how to be a bear now.”

What the UFC lightweight champ actually said to Mac was much worse and more demeaning.

”Let’s talk, come on let’s talk, you want to talk now?”

Sorry Conor, Khabib just became your Daddy after that UFC 229 trash talk clinic.

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