Khabib Fans Cause ‘Security Lockdown’ Outside McGregor’s Moscow Hotel

Conor Mcgregor
Photo via Instagram @thenotoriousmma

Group Of Khabib Supporters Gather Outside Of Conor McGregor’s Hotel

Khabib Nurmagomedov tried to warn Conor McGregor about the unity of his Russian brethren. However, McGregor got the best look at that, outside his hotel in Moscow.

McGregor announced that he was headed to Moscow to do a press conference. In the process of doing so, he sent out a message to Khabib and his supporters. He told them exactly where he would be, if anybody wanted to find him.

Well, apparently those Khabib fans were listening. The first incident happened at one of those press conferences. Someone in the audience launched a water bottle at McGregor. However, he missed and McGregor escaped unscathed.

Nevertheless, this was not the only thing to happen while McGregor was in Russia. According to reports, a group of both Khabib and Conor supporters gathered outside of McGregor’s hotel. Subsequently, the two parties began getting heated, resulting in the arrival of law enforcement. As a result, the hotel was placed in a “security lockdown” while the situation defused.

The report states that around 100 people had gathered outside the building. Moreover, two men were able to get inside the hotel. They expressed desire to prove to McGregor that Dagestanis and Khabib supporters “don’t run from him.”

It is lucky that things did not get any worse than this. While Khabib and McGregor have a very real beef, it always ends up being ugly when not in the cage. Although it was ugly in the cage, too.

Currently it is expected that Khabib will face Tony Ferguson at the beginning of next year. Additionally, McGregor is rumored to be facing Donald Cerrone in January. If both men win their fights, a rematch between them is all but a certainty.

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