(Video) Khabib Used to Headbutt Opponents HARD, and It was Legal

Images Courtesy Of Instagram: @khabib_nurmagomedov
Images Courtesy Of Instagram: @khabib_nurmagomedov

Old Footage Surfaces as Khabib Used to Headbutt Opponents

It’s Khabib time! Well, almost. Actually, … Lord willing, it will almost be Khabib time. As any and all MMA fans know by now, the matchmaking between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson has been more plagued than the Madden curse. However, if all goes to plan, the men will face off at UFC 249. The folklore around Nurmagomedov is unrivaled when it comes to mixed martial arts. As an undefeated fighter, Khabib is known for many things. One of those things is how he used to wrestle bears in his childhood. To add to the story of Khabib’s legend, a video recently surfaced of his legendary smother and smash offense. However, this footage was from when headbutts were completely legal.

In today’s mixed martial arts climate, Khabib is already one of the scariest people to stand in front of. Once he is close enough to grab an opponent, it’s pretty much over. Unless his opponent manages to survive a round. Then, he just grabs and smashes until they can’t take anymore.

Khabib Headbutt Video

Now, imagine if Nurmagomedov was able to use every body part that he wanted during the process? In the footage provided via Twitter, fans can get a look at` the way Khabib used to mangle his opponents. After the takedown, Khabib would unleash a flurry of headbutts. He used them pass guard, smash his opponent, and win.


UFC 249

Looks like Tony Ferguson gets to avoid those tactics thanks to some updated rules. And, while Khabib won’t be able to utilize headbutts in his arsenal, he’ll still be able to do what he does best. Latch onto his foes, chain wrestle them relentlessly to the ground and throw hammers with the power of Hercules behind them.

Yet still, the MMA faithful will wait patiently until April. Then and only then will anyone believe that this fight is finally going to happen.

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