Key and Peele are really impressed by Houston Alexander’s ability to take a body punch

Back in May, Houston Alexander let the two comedians take shots at his remarkable torso, Bloodsport-style, until he pretended to almost want to punch them and they immediately verbally submitted. However, this is still a victory for comedy.

According to me, three things are funny about this video:

1. Key and Peele. I can’t look at them without being happy about the future of humor.

2. Key and Peele’s actually pretty good body shots. They’re putting some juice behind those punches and that’s impressive because comedians aren’t known for being good at punching other men. Also, it’s comforting to see these guys take advantage of the opportunity to hit a professional fighter because we all know that “you don’t win fights with that tip-tap shit.” Did you hear what it sounded like to hit Alexander’s midsection? That shit is dense. It’s like throwing a ball of steak at the side of a McDonalds.

3. Key and Peele are still really concerned that this is the “ha ha weaklings, now I get to punch you” game. Who knows about the extent of their relationship with Alexander but it is, at best, random or, at worst, they’ve just angered a notorious puncher. Key and Peele employ a variation of the classic younger brother move of grabbing at the wrist, shooting the hips back, and nervously yelling “ha ha no no I’m serious STOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOP.” 

Houston Alexander is most famous for one thing: hard muscle. For ultra-muscular dudes, “punch me in the abs until you are submissive” is one of the oldest and most ego-stroking moves in their arsenal. But could you imagine if Key and Peele got Liam Neesons and Bruce Willy to punch Houston Alexander’s abs at the same time? That would be MYYYYYYYYY SHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

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