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Kevin Lee… What the Fuck Are You Wearing?

Kevin Lee… What the Fuck Are You Wearing?

We’ve seen a lot of outrageous fashion statements throughout MMA history.

The timeless grace of business casual Sakuraba and the custom-fitted suits of Conor McGregor serve as high points in mixed martial arts’ flirtation with the world of fashion.  But there have been many, many low points. Whether it was Jon Jones being a runway model in Brazil or Conor McGregor wearing pants fitted so tight he split them open while sitting down, there have been embarrassments that go beyond a mere silly ass outfit.

That is until we saw Kevin Lee’s outfit from the UFC 216’s media day.

Good Lord, where to begin. He looks like he is wearing a trash bag and a diaper.

Let’s start with the camouflage overalls that Kevin Lee has somehow failed to put on properly. Children across America as young as three are entrusted with their own pair of overalls, and the vast majority manage to figure out how to get the top part buckled after a bit of instruction. I only hope Kevin Lee has close enough friends to teach him this vital life skill. Unless that was a conscious decision, made by an adult. Which couldn’t be possible, right? I mean if you wanted overalls that ended at the waist, you’d just buy pants, right? Right?

And why are they camouflage? Are you going buck hunting after this, Kevin? I had thought (and hoped) all major fashion movements had skewed away from camo by now. Let’s all hope and pray that Kevin Lee camo affinity is an isolated incident.

Maybe even more bothersome that the use of camouflage outside of tactic combat clothing is the red handkerchief scarf. Not only does that look remarkably stupid, it seems uncomfortable. Just what the fuck is the point of that bandanna? Are you hiding a double chin, Kevin? Maybe concealing some hickeys from the girlfriend back home? That’s actually the only reasonable explanation for this abomination.

And the sunglasses. Why the fuck are you wearing them on your forehead? Either put them over your eyes, or put them in your pocket. They don’t really serve a purpose shading your forehead.

And is that jacket faux-lizard? Faux-snake? Faux-crocodile? Now it just seems like you are playing yourself here, Kevin.

I guess this should be expected. We saw Kevin’s unique fashion sense back in it’s embryonic stages. Now, like a Pokemon gaining the necessary XP, he’s evolved into his next form. And let’s be honest, the second evolutionary form is always the most awkward. We can only hold on to the hope that his final form will involve scaling this absurdity back.

But it’s not all bad for “The Motown Phenom”. We’d be straight haters if we didn’t acknowledge that if anyone has a six pack like that, they should be showcasing it. Also, that watch looks pretty slick. Plus, Lee’s shoe game is pretty much on point. If only they had not be matched up with such a terrible outfit.

Check out Kevin Lee and his ridiculous outfit get into a heated exchange with Tony Ferguson in a vain attempt to get this PPV buy rate above 150K. Emerge yourself in the awkwardness that is UFC Tonight, boys, that is, if you’re still there… pussy.

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