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Kevin Iole Power Alert: Yahoo! urges UFC to cut Palhares, UFC cuts Palhares

Kevin Iole Power Alert: Yahoo! urges UFC to cut Palhares, UFC cuts Palhares

After today it’s blatantly apparent that every word of Kayne West’s over-commercialized ‘Power‘ song belongs solely to Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports.

Earlier today Kevin Iole wrote an article discussing the events of UFC Fight Night 29 in which Rousimar Palhares appeared to hold on to Mike Pierce’s heel slightly longer than what was required to finish the submission. It’s still debatable — if you look at the footage again, it appears that Palhares did hold on to the heel hook after the ref jumped in, but people are still questioning whether it was to intentionally cause harm to Pierce’s ligaments.

Regardless of what you think, it’s what the UFC thinks — or in this case what Yahoo!’s Kevin Iole thinks in his recent article about the Palhares situation.

The UFC has no choice but to cut Palhares, despite the clear evidence that he could become a major player at 170 pounds. He has incredible submission skills and by dropping to welterweight from middleweight, would likely have a strength advantage over many of those he fights.

But the UFC can not tolerate such behavior. White cut Paul Daley on the spot for throwing a punch at Josh Koscheck after their bout at UFC 113 ended in 2010. He still has not allowed Daley back. Daley’s act, while reprehensible, was clearly done out of frustration.

The same can’t be said for Palhares. The UFC can’t allow fighters to pull such maneuvers, particularly with a very dangerous submission like the heel hook, and then simply walk away to fight another day.

The UFC should cut Palhares to send a very clear, loud message that it demands its fighters to respect one another and that they must release a submission as soon as possible upon the end of the bout.

Just a few hours after Iole’s article was published, the UFC decided to cut Rousimar Palhares with Dana White citing this was his second infraction with the promotion.

“This is the second incident we’ve had with Palhares where he had the lock and he didn’t let it go. Finally he let it go, but I’m going to cut him. He’s done.”

So we have Kevin Iole’s Yahoo! article essentially foretelling what the UFC did shortly after. Some people call it sheer coincidence, others deem it to be just another reaffirmation on how much power Kevin Iole has influencing the UFC’s decision making. Conspiracy theory or verified fact? You decide.

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