Kevin Holland Responds To Stephen Thompson’s Call-Out: ‘I Think We’d Have A Good Time’

Kevin Holland likes it that Stephen Thompson is down to scrap.

Kevin Holland
Kevin Holland - Image via @trailblaze2top Instagram
  • Stephen Thompson has a lot of options which includes Kevin Holland
  • “Trailblazer” thinks a fight with “Wonderboy” will be fun yet already predictable

Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson are two fighters looking to get slated for a huge bout sooner rather than later. One is coming off back-to-back wins while the other is from back-to-back losses. But apparently, the pair is keen to take on each other.

“Wonderboy” wants some fresh legs

Thompson has not tasted a win since December 2020. He previously said that he’s “down” for some “good striking battle” with either Nick or Nate Diaz but nothing is brewing yet to this day.

In an interview with MMA Junkie last month, “Wonderboy” included welterweight newcomer Holland on his updated target list.

“You have Kevin Holland who just won his fight,” Thompson said. “I know he’s calling out Sean Brady, but he’s definitely a guy who is moving up the rankings quick. He was great at 185, he made the cut to 170 fairly easy. There’s a lot of guys that I’m keeping my eye on, because they’re coming up the rankings pretty quick and they’re dangerous guys. There’s a lot of guys.”

The feeling is mutual

It didn’t take long for Holland to answer Thompson’s call-out. According to “Trailblazer,” a scrap against “Wonderboy” would be “a fun fight.” However, there’s nothing about it that would surprise him as he already how Thompson fights, suggesting that it will be a striking showdown.

“It’s a fight down because I’m not ranked, but I kind of should be ranked,” Holland recently told MMA Junkie. “After one fight at welterweight I probably should have got ranked, because I was ranked at middleweight. It’s like you took my ranking away off of a dub. It’s really crazy, so it’s whatever. ‘Wonderboy’ and me would be a fun fight. I think we’d have a good time. All he’s got to do is sign a contract, I’m there.”

“It’s not that tricky,” he assessed. “It’s a striker. I’m a striker,” Holland said. “It’s not that tricky. There’s nothing that he’s doing that I think that this is a puzzle that can’t be solved. The puzzle has been solved. It’s all about implementing what’s been solved in the puzzle and making it happen again. The holes that were there are still there. He’s a wonderful person, a wonderful fighter, a wonderful human being, but this is the fight game. I have a right hand. He’s been knocked out before. I touch him, he will go to sleep.”

With Thompson currently ranked No. 7 in the 170-pound division, Holland would surely get his rankings back as a win will see him break into the top 15. As for “Wonderboy,” a victory over Holland will put him back on track, having lost to Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns.

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