Kevin Holland Wants To ‘Smack’ Derek Brunson, Have 6 Fights In 2021

Kevin Holland outlines his plans to fight six times next year, starting with Derek Brunson, who he has some beed with

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You might find it tough for Kevin Holland to top the year he had this year, after going 5-0. However he hopes to do even better next year, and he already has his first opponent for the year picked out.

Although he has been in the UFC since 2018, things have really picked up for Holland this year. As previously stated, he went 5-0 this year, which is an insane feat on its own. However his most recent bout saw him score a brutal and gorgeous first round knockout over veteran Jacare Souza, which likely propelled him into the rankings at 185lb, right into the number ten spot. The sheer amount of activity this year, not to mention his brash and outspoken nature, has made Kevin one of the biggest breakout stars of the year.


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Kevin Holland Wants To Smack Derek Brunson

As strong of a year as Kevin Holland has had, he hopes to have an even better time in 2021. He already tried t fight for a sixth time this year, hoping to make a quick turnaround to fight two weekends in a row. However with that seeming to not be a possibility, he is hoping to get six fights next year. Speaking to TMZ, he laid out these plans, saying that he wants to start off with number seven ranked Derek Brunson.

“I know a lot of people don’t know the name, but Derek Brunson. That’s who I want to smack. He acts like he can get away with it or something, I don’t know,” Holland explained. “He’s cool. He’s a cool dude I guess. He just said something about slamming me on my head one time, and I was like oh, okay. That’s how you think we play. That may be how you play with other wrestlers, but I’m a striker. So if you think you’re going to slam me on my head, that’s alright, I think I’m going to punch you in your head a couple times. I can take a slam, he can’t really take too many punches. So we’ll see what happens.

“He’s looked really good. I used to call him a bum, and then I looked at his record, and he’s not a bum,” Holland said. “Let’s start 2021 off right. I’m trying to get six fights this year. 2021, I’m trying to do the six fights, I’m trying to get ahead of that record. Like what number is Derek Brunson? Six? So if I beat Derek Brunson, I’ll be number six. So then I gotta go through five, four, three, two, champ, and then that’s six fights in a year. That’s a good year. Then can’t nobody say ‘Well oh, he didn’t fight good competition.’ Now that’s a lot to chew off, right? So if I don’t do it, that’s on me. Everybody can talk all the s–t they want to talk. But if I do it…”

It seems that Kevin Holland has some big hopes and aspirations for 2021 and beyond. He has shown a ton of promise thus far, and it will be interesting to see how far his skills take him. Obviously his confidence is not a factor.

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