Kenny Florian’s knee is giving birth to an alien

If you ever have a stomach ache, all you have to do is Google ‘staph infection’ and you’ll feel much better once you regurgitate whatever was giving you problems. Staph infections are God’s way of saying, “You’re a rawesome grappler, but you really need to wipe down those sweaty mats once in a while”. If we ever attempted to make a top 10 list of the worst staph pictures we’ve ever seen, Kevin Randleman would undoubtedly be first. Big Nog will never make that that esteemed list. Dude claimed to suffer from a horrible staph infection prior to his fight with Frank Mir, but failed to entertain his fans with pictures. Bummer. We’ll have to find a place for him on some other top 10 list.

Lots of fighters get sidelined with staph and the most recent is Kenny Florian. Check out these pictures he tweeted (twatted?) before he goes under the knife to get the puss drained out of his knee.

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