Kenny Florian and Dave Camarillo proves that Street Fighter 2 unites all

I was on the internet last night and felt a sudden urge to see what the hell happened with Captain Kangroo. Apparently, he wasn’t a captain after all — which makes me believe he wasn’t a kangaroo at all. He resides in the same category as Cap n’ Crunch. He’s not a real captain also. My childhood is filled with lies, and cavities. It’s also filled with an innumerable supply of quarters being inserted into the front of Street Fighter 2 arcade machines. I’m not sure if these young kids today realize that back in the day, your Street Fighter 2 skills served as accurate measurement for how much of a bad ass you were amongst your peers. That was just an existential fact. Kenny Florian and Dave Camarillo knows this, and these guys are still battling it out for coin-op supremacy. Check out this video of the two doing what every kid raised in the 80s would be doing if they had an original Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet in their living room. Sidenote: That picture of Kenny Florian was created by this guy Eamo Yakka, dude has some wild stuff. Very wild.

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