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Ken Shamrock Wants to End his Career in RIZIN

Who wants to end their career with a low note? By low note, I mean low blow. In Ken Shamrock’s last fight with Royce Gracie in Bellator, Gracie kneed him in the dick and swarmed him, causing the fight to be stopped. Sometime after that, he had his license suspended for failing his pre-fight drug test. Of course, Shamrock wants to go out with a bang, and the best place for that is RIZIN. …They have no pesky drug tests and are already a home for fighters suspended for (alleged) supplementation.

Shamrock would fit right in that motley crew overseas and can leave the sport with thousands of Japanese fans screaming his name, or, whatever they would scream in Japanese. Hell, depending on what Wanderlei Silva’s body and Bellator plans are, Shamrock vs. Silva would be an awesome fight to retire on. His last fight in Japan was when he lost to Sakuraba at Pride 30.

Screw it, make it happen ‎Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

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