Kazuo Misaki says Jorge Santiago nearly killed him at Sengoku 14

There’s a good chance you missed perhaps the greatest fight of 2010 and the only person you have to blame is your cable provider. Well, you should be blaming yourself for not issuing a threat to your cable company that you will dispose of a small mammal in a trash compactor if they didn’t start carrying HDNet (just kidding PETA). Sure you have to stay up until 6am to watch a Sengoku event in its entirety, but once you’re finished, you can pat yourself on the back and award yourself another shiny, metallic sticker that reads ‘You did it! Totally awesome!’. You can then take that sticker, locate your 3rd grade math test, place it on the front and feel better about your childhood for the rest of the week.

If you missed the greatest fight to ever occur in Sengoku, you can check out this post-fight wrap-up or scour the internet for an illegal copy (which surprisingly isn’t that hard). Misaki could not attend the post-fight presser due to the amount of damage he sustained in the fight. Eight days later, he has finally made a statement regarding the bout and not only did he say Jorge Santiago nearly killed him, but he wants to do it again.

“Standing in the ring in whatever condition I’m in is my way of life.”

“My full strength was no match for Santiago.”

“He (the cornerman that threw in the towel) saved my life so I’m thankful.”

“I don’t think the injury was the cause for my defeat, I lost being in 100% condition at fight day. It’s possible that Santiago might have been injured as well, I lost because my best was insufficient, only mortifying thoughts remain now. I think I would’ve entered the ring even if I lost one of my legs, I’m a fighter who fights not with technique but with feelings.”

Even if the timing of the towel throw was a little late, I might not have been here now.”

“He (Jorge Santiago) has become the most important being in my life.”

“Once more, just once more I want the chance to fight Santiago…

Kazuo Misaki took a vacation to the brink of death, and now he wants to do it again. That’s pretty much the sole reason why Misaki is an MMA fighter and we’re all just guys who complain about people not using their turn-signals when they cross lanes. Misaki doesn’t even care about this stuff, the dude smashed a police officer’s hand with his side-mirror when he evaded the cops last year. If Misaki has ninety-nine problems, using his turn-signal to alert traffic is definitely not one [Source]

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