Karo Parisyan gets merc’d/merked/murked at Bellator 127

Unfortunately for Karo Parisyan who was riding high off two stoppage wins via his formerly underused fists, tonight was the night in which he… What’s the technical word I’m looking for here… He got murked, yeah that’s it. Sometimes we forget how quickly it can all end in MMA, and even though Karo said he felt the best ever and invincible, the usual rhetoric doesn’t protect your chin from a well-timed uppercut.

Also, is it ‘murked’ or ‘merked’? No one really knows. As we see, a friendly reader has said “merc’d” is the correct pronunciation. I believe that to be correct, but you’ll also find multiple entries of both ‘murked’ and ‘merked’ in Urban Dictionary. All of the above are correct, and I’m updating the title.

Here’s the finish to his fight tonight with Fernando Gonzalez via Zprophet. 

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