Replay: Kanako Murata chokes out Angela Magana at Rizin 12

Angela Magana choke

A question as old as time in MMA, is it better to win a forgettable fight or lose in spectacular fashion. Online woman’s MMA lighting rod Angela Magana is approaching rarefied air.

On one hand Magana has now lost seven straight fights. On the other hand Magana is a magnetic personality that people want to see win or lose. At Rizin 12, Magana lost in spectacular fashion.

Prior to the opening bell ringing “Your Majesty” did what she paid to do. She hyped the Rizin event on social, made a spectacle at the weigh-ins and then lost to the hometown hero.

Magana did her job at Rizin 12 and the JMMA promotion will likely have her back for at least one more fight.

When you’re building a MMA promotion from the ground up, of course you need talented fighters who will push for a top ten ranking but you also mid-card acts. At 35-years of age Magana is the fighter you hire to get some kind of buzz going about your show. Especially in Japan where Pride and Dream loved to book fighters who had their own gimmicks.

On Saturday night Magana faced 115 pound prospect Kanako Murata and made fans take notice of the fight. Have no idea what kind of bride of blood cosplay Angela was going for but it worked. Then in round two of their fight Murata got to break out the rare but fun Von Flue choke submission.

Check the reply below of Magana get bodied on the ground by Murata and eventually tapping out to a lovely Von Flue choke.

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