Kamaru Usman Makes His Case To Be On “The Bachelor”

via @usman84kg on Instagram
via @usman84kg on Instagram

Kamaru Usman Wants to Be on The Bachelor

UFC champions have done everything that they can do to crossover into pop culture. From former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley trying his hand at hip hop, to Paige Van Zant stirring up Instagram, marketability is it an all-time high. For Kamaru Usman, that avenue could very well be reality television. To be more specific, Usman would love to be on the next season of “The Bachelor.”

Usman stating wanting to be on the show is not the first time he’s mentioned it. Previously, at an MMA round table for TMZ, Kamaru expressed his desire to be the first black bachelor. Now, while being featured on TMZ once more, Usman doubled down on his motives.

Kamaru Explains Wanting to be on the Show

The popular media company spoke to Usman after he defeated Colby Covington at UFC 245. Furthermore, they discussed the television show and if the producers of the program have reached out to Kamaru.

“I’m still waiting, I’m still waiting for them and they still haven’t called me. Hopefully, they were watching this weekend and they decide ‘ hey you know what, we need to pull the trigger on this,” said Kamaru.

Who knows if Usman would make for quality reality television. Additionally, who knows if Kamaru would be good on The Bachelor? Whether he is given the chance or not, it should be noted that if it happens, it’s great for the sport of MMA.

Balancing Being Active in MMA

For now, fans can relax and know that their champion will continue to be active in the UFC. Hardcore MMA fans would more than likely be critical of Kamaru if he were to join the television space after one title defense. Especially because a lot of fans are already critical of Usman’s fighting style.

Do MMA fans believe Usman could good on The Bachelor? And, do they believe that Kamaru could still defend his title in the process?

Let us know in the comments below.

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