JZ Cavalcante uses anti-fighting style: hood to defeat Bobby Green

Throughout the entire JZ Cavalcante fight, Wallid Ismail somehow discovered where I was seated, introduced himself (despite the fact that we’ve met three times in the past year) and blessed me with a little impromptu color commentating. I didn’t understand much, it was loud in the Sears Centre. However, what I managed to decipher, I tweeted it out as Wallid Ismail told me. There were some gems in there, however I had to omit a few of his statements for fear of offending a myriad of people out there. Trust me, it was all in good fun though.

Within five seconds of Bobby Green’s walk-out, the dude removed his hoodie, threw it in the crowd and nearly fell off stage. Fighting style hood was strong in Green’s walkout. In the first round, Bobby Green laid hands on JZ’s chin, with relative ease. Whenever JZ missed with a flurry, Bobby Green promptly waved his finger in JZ’s face like a school boy who just stole someone’s construction paper. In the second, JZ managed to equalize the fight by taking Bobby Green down and slapped a sub which appeared to warrant a tap from Green. However, the judges ruled it as a ‘thumbs up’ from Green to the ref that he was alright. In the final round, Wallid Ismail insisted that Bobby Green landed more strikes on JZ but unfortunately the judges did not see it the same. Apparently their perception was ‘too cheeken.’ In a split decision, JZ grabbed the W over JZ Cavalcante, and if you want to see an animated post-fight interview with Bobby Green, you may want to stay tuned to MMAFighting.com later tonight.

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