Justin Wren drains his cauliflower ear on video

Justin Wren is a big boy. A really big boy according to my old roomate (the guy who rocks a 40oz of Mickeys like Conan wields a two-handed sword) who scored aisle seats next to him on an airplane back from Vegas. Dude is a contestant on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter and it’s rumored that he does pretty well in the show. We also were fortunate enough to get an interview with Wren which will probably be thrown up a week before the show airs. Justin Wren also has an extreme fascination with draining out his own cauliflower ear with a syringe. I’ve always wanted to know what was inside one of those…maybe candy corn or strawberry-lemonade; something fun that you can share with the family. Apparently its just a mixture of blood and disgusting.



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