Justin Gaethje watches his KO of Edson Barboza for the first time, has a very Justin Gaethje reaction

Justin Gaethje Reaction

Justin Gaethje is not of this world. There is an argument to made that MMA needs more fighters like Justin Gaethje but then again the sport could probably not handle all that V.

If the UFC could clone 500 different versions of Gaethje, in different weights and genders of course, would MMA be the most popular sport in the world? MMA would likely be too popular at that point. UFC 400: Gaethje versus Gaethje is a timeline the world is simply not ready for.

What makes Gaethje great is that there is currently only a single Gaethje at this point. There can only be one; for the sake on this dimension and MMA.

Sure there are fighters who are just as good offensively as Gaethje. There are also fighters who strike more creatively than Gaethje. Word is there are even fighters who are more reckless than Gaethje.

But there is no fighter who strikes like JG, is as fearless as JG, and who is as violent as JG. Not even EA UFC 3 can offer this a create-a-fighter that entertaining.

Justin Gaethje is now 30 years old and 3-2 in the UFC. Saturday night in Philadelphia was peak Gaethje. In two minutes and 30 seconds, Gaethje smoked Edson Barboza. Gaethje’s last two wins, both by knockout, have come in under four minutes of cage.

At this point even JG is surprised at his handy work. During the UFC’s post-show, Gaethje was able to watch his knockout of Barboza in real time.

His reaction? It was very Gaethje of him. Long live the one, only Gaethje until cloning technology overruns our great sport.


Check out Justin’s full post-fight interview below

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