Justin Gaethje Rips Dana White And Roasts Conor McGregor For TKO Loss: ‘That Fool Went To Another Planet’

Justin Gaethje goes off on Dana White for putting Michael Chandler into title contention immediately upon signing to the UFC, and mocks Conor McGregor

Justin Gaethje
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Lightweight contender Justin Gaethje had to work his tail off to make it to a title shot. He knows that this is not the case for everyone, and he is not happy about it.

By the time Gaethje faced off against lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov, he was 8 fights into his UFC career and on a four-fight winning streak. Ultimately he fell short in the second round, after winning the first against the undefeated champ.

Now he is looking to rebound, but he may find himself in a title fight soon. Khabib has apparently retired, and one win could easily put Justin right back into the title picture, with most of the top 5 coming off of losses.


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Justin Gaethje Unloads On Dana White

Another person who has recently accompanied Justin Gaethje in the top 5 is former Bellator champ Michael Chandler. After initially serving as an unneeded back up for Justin’s fight with Khabib, Chandler made a statement in his debut by quickly knocking out Dan Hooker.

However number one contender Dustin Poirier is hesitant to fight Chandler, and Justin thinks he knows why. Speaking in a recent interview, Gaethje explained that Dana White’s insistence on Chandler being the backup, without having made his debut, makes Dustin frustrated.

“The reason why this is happening with Poirier is because Dana White used, he tried to, he did, he f–ked Tony (Ferguson) and Dustin,” Gaethje said.

“He said f–k you guys, I’m going to take Chandler, and he’s going to be the backup for this title fight. That all happened four months ago.

“We are humans, we have principles, we have morals, and that’s what that is. That’s why Dustin Poirier is saying (he won’t fight Chandler). Well, I would assume. I don’t talk to the guy.”

“He didn’t just s–t on Dustin Poirier, He didn’t just s–t on Tony Ferguson. He s–t on every single f–king fighter that does it right, that wants to do it right and wants integrity to the sport,” Gaethje added.

“That’s what he s–t on, and that’s why Dustin Poirier is talking like he is.”


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Conor McGregor Went To Another Planet

It is no secret that Justin Gaethje is not a fan of Conor McGregor. With that in mind, it goes without saying that he was excited to see Dustin Poirier knock McGregor out at UFC 257.

Justin made it clear that he is not ashamed to be happy at Conor getting TKOd. Although he did take offense to the idea that Conor has been spreading about not getting knocked out, and only being affected by the leg kicks of Poirier.

“I enjoyed that, but he’s still an elite fighter. He’s still right here. I wasn’t even trying to s–t on him too bad, I was just saying how awesome it was too see him get knocked out,” Gaethje said.

“He went to sleep. He came out and said he was only affected by leg kicks, and you watch. I knew immediately that fool went to another planet. Maybe it was only two or three seconds but he went to a different planet. He got put to sleep.

“(McGregor) is a f–king piece of s–t and I can’t forget it. I’m sorry, they haven’t hit me in the head enough times to have that short of a memory, to just forget everything.”

What do you think of these comments from Justin Gaethje?

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