Justin Gaethje Rips Colby Covington: ‘As A Man, I Would Love To Slap Him Across The Face’

Justin Gaethje Thinks Colby Covington Is Fake After The Two Met The President Together

Justin Gaethje
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Recently, to the surprise of some, Justin Gaethje and Colby Covington were seen together, meeting the President. This changed the way Justin feels about Colby, and he is not a fan of the welterweight.

A lot of people are unhappy with antics of Covington, particularly with his diehard support of Donald Trump. Therefore it came as a surprise to some when he was seen meeting the President, alongside someone he has had words with, in MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz. However, also there for the event, was none other than interim lightweight champ Gaethje.


Justin Gaethje Calls Colby Covington A Fake Person

During the time they were meeting Trump, Justin Gaethje and Colby Covington were seen together, actually looking fairly close. As he explained to media at the UFC 254 virtual media day, this actually changed the way Justin felt about the welterweight contender. He says that the way Colby acted here, followed by how he was afterwards, made Justin realize how fake of a person Colby is.

“It was crazy man, the day after (meeting the President), I was singing his praises because of how professional he was and how he held himself,” Gaethje explained. “But then he went on to do a bunch of interviews. I probably despise that man more than anybody on planet Earth, other than child pedophiles and murders and things like that.

“He is a coward. He is a fake person,” Gaethje continued. “He stands there and acts like this soft hearted dude, and then he gets behind a camera and is a total coward and a fake person. I never met someone as fake as Colby Covington. As a man, I would love to slap him across the face.”

These sentiments from Justin Gaethje mirror the way a lot of people feel about Colby Covington. Considering that they are just sperated by one weight class, it is not impossible that they could eventually fight in the cage. However it seems that Justin is more interested in fighting in the streets instead.

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