Justin Gaethje Talks Potential Conor McGregor Fight, Fighter Pay & Wants To Punch Colby Covington

'Highlight' discussed a potential fight with Conor McGregor next and believes his compensation to be fair

Justin Gaethje, Conor McGregor, Colby Covington
Credit: Justin Gaethje, Conor McGregor, Colby Covington (via Facebook)
  • Justin Gaethje is interested in fighting Conor McGregor and the winner of Beneil Dariush and Islam Makhachev
  • Gaethje believes his compensation is fair
  • He stated his desire to beat up Colby Covington

Justin Gaethje on potential Conor McGregor fight

Justin Gaethje will be taking on current UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira this weekend at UFC 274. Talks surrounding a dream match-up against Conor McGregor have already emerged. Considering the fan-friendly style of both fighters, it would be an entertaining affair for the fans.

In an appearance on the Full Send podcast, Justin Gaethje spoke about the possibility of facing ‘The Notorious One’ in his next fight if he wins the title this weekend.

“After I win this fight, there are two people that are next in line, it’s Beneil Dariush and Makhachev,” Gaethje said. “They need to fight each other and if Conor McGregor is there then I think he’d be just as rightfully available as those two because they need to fight. So I say either everybody deserves it or nobody deserves it. I want that opportunity to take him away from the sport.”

Gaethje on fighter pay

‘Highlight’ was part of the most-streamed fight in history when he challenged the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov for his lightweight gold in October 2020. Gaethje revealed that he didn’t get just financial rewards from the fight because he does not get a cut of the streaming revenue.

When asked about whether he believes fighter pay to be fair, Gaethje said,

“Yeah, I think it’s fair. It’s just the process of the sport. 1992 is when the UFC started so we’ve been around for 30 years. Football, baseball, basketball, we’re talking like 60, 70, 80 years and so it’s just a progression in where we’re going.”

Gaethje wants to punch Colby Covington

As they were getting to the end of the interview, the boys discussed going out with Gaethje for a meal. Bob Menery expressed his disapproval of the idea based on the recent Jorge Masvidal-Colby Covington physical altercation incident. To this point, Gaethje teased Menery to set a dinner up with Covington and said:

“I would love to f**king punch a hole in that motherf**ker’s face. He’s a piece of sh*t.

“Talked about Kamaru’s family a lot. He was around me one day, we went to a Trump rally and he was there and he was respectful like you said. And then right when we left he got on the internet and starts talking sh*t. I don’t respect that. If you got something to say say it to my face. He’s just fake. He’s trying to bring attention to himself. I get it, I make money with my fighting he makes money with his mouth.

“If he wanted to make money on fighting he’d be a broke motherf**ker,”

“I think he’s a great fighter sucks to watch,” “in a street fight there’s no f**king chance.”

“I’m definitely on his side when it comes to Masvidal That was a b**ch move but I like Masvidal more.”

If he successfully overcomes Charles Oliveira and wins the title, Justin Gaethje will be in a commanding position for his next fight. A big payday could be lucrative for the Arizona-native and he’s a more favorable matchup for Conor McGregor as well. It remains to be seen if he will be able to dethrone the champ going into the bout as the underdog.

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