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Just because Fedor vs. Overeem isn’t signed doesn’t mean we can’t hype the hell out of it

If the UFC can assemble Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar after Brock’s intestine was literally leaking into his stomach then there is no reason for us not to see Ubereem vs. Fedor by the end of 2010. After Ubereem defeated Rogers at Strikeforce Heavy Artillery, he stated ‘There’s nobody else out there with the speed, technical ability and the sharpness [to beat Fedor]. I know how to turn myself into a very dangerous weapon‘. If this fight does not go down, then it will go down as the biggest sham in the history of MMA. Make it happen Strikeforce (or Dream) and in the meantime, check out this remarkable hype video of Fedor vs. Overeem.

We all have the power to will this fight into existence. As Journey once said, ‘Don’t Stop Believing‘.

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