Junior Dos Santos predicts who will win between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez

Junior Dos Santos holds a record of 12-1 with two of his victories coming from two guys with the last name ‘Santos’. Dos Santos has beat dos Santos. Actually, one ‘Santos’ has a full name of Geronimo dos Santos so technically dos Santos has defeated tres Santos. All those years of watching Univision on a Saturday morning solely for Caliente has finally paid off.

In an interview with Brazil’s SporTV (translated by Orcus), Junior Dos Santos breaks down Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar by actually predicting who he thinks will win the fight. Thank god he didn’t give one of those generic ‘styles make fights’ answers.

“In my opinion, If it ends in the first round Lesnar takes it, if it ends after the first round I think Cain takes it. Brock is that big heavyweight, very dangerous, if he’s on top it’s very hard for you to escape. He’s very strong and very heavy and has good wrestling as well. He’s got heavy hands, it would be a very tough fight for me for sure, he’s a very dangerous guy. The strategy would be similar to mine against Roy Nelson, not to land on my back, because it’s not a good thing to be underneath a guy that weighs around 130 kilos. As for Cain Velasquez, I think he’s the best conditioned heavyweight out there, his cardio is very good. He’s very technical too, has excellent wrestling, has shown great abilities in striking as well, he kicks well, punches well. We haven’t seem much from his ground game, but I think he’s more technical from other heavyweights, fast and a very good gas tank. So they are a bit different, but basically it’s strength against speed”

Whoever emerges from the rubble at UFC 121 will have to encounter Junior Dos Santos in 2011 and we can only assume a crater will be forever imprinted in whatever venue the fight takes place in. My prediction: someone will win. There, 100% accurate. [Source]

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