Junior Dos Santos may surprise us all with a submission against Carwin

I think we can all agree that JDS vs Shane Carwin has about as good a chance of going to the judges as a woman surviving the night alone in LA Noire. At 12-1 apiece JDS and Shane combined have only gone to the cards one time and with that said, only three of their combined twenty six matches have gone past the first round. Joe Rogan and Goldy will undoubtedly say ‘Don’t blink’ numerous times about this explosive match during the pre show leadup.

Junior spoke with Tatame about the opponent change from Brock to Shane and more in this interview.

He’s very dangerous and, as Lesnar, he’s almost 120kg, they’re the heaviest guys, so they are pretty strong, it may be a problem. But I believe in myself. I train a lot… He’s much dangerous, has super heavy hands, good Boxing skills, but I’ll bet on my speed and my Boxing. I go for the knockout every time I fight, and it won’t be any different this time. I’ll go for the knockout again. I was training to fight Brock Lesnar, much takedown defense and offensive takedowns too, and my Jiu-Jitsu. So, I’m feeling fine. I may surprise you all on this bout, maybe with a submission, or something like that. I’m feeling fine, and that’s what matters most.


The trainings will be the same I was already doing, but surely the game plan changes a bit. Against Brock Lesnar I could let myself go more while striking, I could use it in my favor more than I can do with Shane Carwin, because I’ll have to be careful on that matter. I know God wants it, and I’ll get this win.

Hopefully by breaking down all of the neat statistics above I haven’t cursed the fight like I did the Strikeforce finish spree of late 2010 to March 2011.


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