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Junior dos Santos just used Junior Dos Santos to defeat Pat Barry in UFC Undisputed 3

Junior dos Santos just used Junior Dos Santos to defeat Pat Barry in UFC Undisputed 3

If Junior dos Santos could be placed in a blender and reduced to the most basic element, he would have an endurance match with every other element on the periodic table and come out victorious. Fe and Ag has nothing on JDS. That element could change polarity on planets galaxies away. It could turn water into blood, and then blood into Kool-Aid so that people would still believe that it was blood. At the moment, Junior dos Santos is the hardest entity in the entire heavyweight division. If you refuse to believe this, then you’re clearly living in a world composed of the unreal.

Today at the UFC 141 Q&A session, Junior dos Santos placed his hands on a controller and managed to guide his digital self into digital victory against Pat Barry. Here’s video of the faux encounter for all of your eyes to consume — all two of them.

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