Pic: Junior Dos Santos At His Most Junior Was Least Likely to Become a Huge Savage

Here at MiddleEasy.com, we’ve made it a point to compile the best Blast to the Past Yearbook photos of MMA fighters as we come across them. We’ve seen Wonderboy when he was actually a boy, Miesha Tate as a teenage cupcake and last time we saw Chael Sonnen as a young gentleman. …And that’s not even half of them. Now, we get the privilege of checking our Junior dos Santos at his most junior.

Just looking at the kid, there is no way you’d assume he’d grow up to become a feared Heavyweight in a cage fighting organization. Is there something in his eyes though? Perhaps, deep down in those brown pools of innocence, there is a glimpse that this boy knows he will go into an absolute war trilogy with Cain Velasquez.

Check out the picture below and peer into Santos’ eyes yourself.

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