Junior Dos Santos Defeats Blagoy Ivanov Via Close Unanimous Decision!

Junior Dos Santos Wins Blagoy Ivanov In World-Class Five-Round War

We’re live here in Boise, Idaho, on UFC Fight Night 133 main event of the evening, where Junior dos Santos will look for the chance to return versus a very tough opponent from Bulgaria.

Blagoy Ivanov (16-1-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will be looking for the chance to take the fight to the ground. As the master of Sambo and Judo, this legendary competitor from Sofia will try to do the impossible and win the former UFC Heavyweight champion.

Despite he is an underdog, you mustn’t forget his dangerous strikes and the fact he defends the honor of the whole Bulgaria as the first competitor from this country who got the chance to fight at the main event of the evening. A former WSOF champion already has notable victories over former UFC competitors Shawn Jordan, Lavar Johnson, and Ricco Rodriguez.

Junior dos Santos (18-5 MMA, 12-4 UFC) hasn’t fought for a long time after being knocked out by Stipe Miocic at the first round. After tested positive on banned substances, his career went downhill but he got lucky since he got only six months of suspension. Junior dos Santos has the score of 3-4 in the last seven fights so he will definitively look for the way to return to the road of the old glory. His most notable victories are the ones versus Ben Rothwell, Mark Hunt, and Stipe Miocic.

Round 1

Junior dos Santos is on the front foot early on but Blagoy Ivanov shows no respect for the former Brazilian UFC Heavyweight champion at all. Great counter from Ivanov on the fence, while dos Santos tries to utilize the pressure and maintain the pace of the fight. Ivanov moves like a cat, not letting Cigano get close. Body kick from dos Santos but Ivanov picks his elbow high and blocks the head kick like a pro!


Dos Santos is dirty keeping his fingers extended and the referee warns him up. He was probably expecting an easy fight but Ivanov is tougher than everybody initially taught! Hard hook from Ivanov followed by a push kick from Cigano.

Dos Santos lands a low kick followed by a knee to the body of Ivanov, who shows no pain at all! Dos Santos attempts right body kick but unsuccessfully since Ivanov blocks. Blagoy wants to attack fast but dos Santos cuts him with a left hook. One more body shot from dos Santos but Ivanov circles and irritates him.

Bulgarian fighter has one of the best movements ever seen in the UFC Heavyweight division. The round ends, probably a victory for Ivanov due to warning dos Santos received.

Round 2

Cigano fires to the body again – he has seen Ivanov holds his hands up high at the beginning of the round. Wheel kick attempt but common Ivanov is not Mark Hunt he is a bit taller and moves faster! Good body shot and more jabs. Good kick to the body and overhand right misses Ivanov’s head, we can say the Bulgarian was lucky this time.

Ivanov attacks with a tremendous left downstairs, while Cigano controls the fight, going 1-2 then attacks the opponent’s body. Good body kick and jab, two minutes to go. Blagoy can’t reach Junior, who lands an inside low kick and an excellent right hand. Brutal combo by dos Santos but Ivanov is tough like the Rocky Balboa, you can’t see anything in his face. The end of the round, probably 10-9 for dos Santos.

Round 3

Ivanov delivers few left hands at the start of the round. Dos Santos circles off the fence and Ivanov knows he has nothing to lose now, becomes more aggressive. Dos Santos with a jab to the body and a right cross to the head. Again straight right to the body and a jab upstairs. Looks like dos Santos uses his reach advantage effectively.

An Injury!

Ivanov’s eye is damaged after a long-range counter right cross. But Ivanov is so tough, as soon as dos Santos tries to run he eats few strong punches!!! Dos Santos defends with a jab trying to stop Ivanov’s combo. Blagoy becomes more aggressive and decides to gamble. Good body kick and counter hook from Cigano, two minutes to go.

Big Left Hand!!!

What a left hand by Ivanov, is Cigano stunned? No, he gets back with a right cross! Right hook cracks Dos Santos…

Warning Again!

Dos Santos keeps his fingers extended again, and the referee warns him up, is he going to abduct the point, this is the second time?! Good combination by the Brazilian and one minute until the end of the round. Overhand right connected with a counter right, very weird combination that finds its mark.

Cigano again goes for a wheel kick but Ivanov jumps back like a Siberian cat and slips away! Ivanov makes a mistake and dos Santos catches him with a right hook. Probably round for dos Santos.

Round 4

Dos Santos opens up with his jab, and a great counter hook from Ivanov. Good right hook attempt by dos Santos but Ivanov counters.

Equipment Issue!

The tape is loose on Cigano’s gloves, so the referee stops the fight.

Dos Santos misses with a head kick but connects few good punches. Ivanov attempts to double up a left hand but his reach is shorter – misses! Good left hand by Ivanov but excellent right-hand counter by dos Santos.

Ivanov Possibly Rocked?

Excellent right cross from dos Santos… and Ivanov looks to be off-balance. Ivanov chases for a single leg takedown but looks like his balance lacks… dos Santos defends and jabs to the body. Ivanov delivers good right hook, but dos Santos delivers right hand-left jab-right hand. Good hook from Brazilian, and now both fighters trading right hands – we are watching a street fight at the moment!

Now jabs upstairs, fighters are opening and looking for a knockout! The referee stops the fight, the end of the round, probably one more round for dos Santos.

Round 5

Ivanov has to go for all or nothing and attacks with all the heart of this world but dos Santos delivers a right hook. Excellent backfist by dos Santos who pivots off the fence. Jab caught Ivanov coming in, and an excellent body kick from Cigano. Good body punches again.

Dos Santos Is Dirty Again!


Another eye poke received by Ivanov, but no point abduction as the referee restarts the fight! Is this referee out of his mind, third time?! Does he even know to issue him a proper warning?

Good overhand right from dos Santos but Ivanov counters and remains on his feet. This Bulgarian is like an iron, almost everybody would be at least knocked down by this tremendous strike. Good body kick and jabs to the body. Two minutes until the end of the round, Ivanov knows he is losing and he has to open now.

Tremendous right hook by Ivanov but Cigano is not even out of balance! Dos Santos goes for a right cross but Ivanov pushes him against the fence, delivering left hook along the way. Dos Santos sticks to his initial tactics alive landing jabs high and low. Good left hook from dos Santos and an axe kick attempt. Ivanov does a good combo and hits dos Santos.

Excellent left overhand attempt by Ivanov but only a miss to eat the straight right punch. Cigano attacks with a right hand to the body. The end of the match. Probably round for dos Santos.

The referee should do his job better!

Check out the action below:

Winning moments:

JDS Vs. Stipe Miocic 3?


Final Result: Dos Santos defeats Blagoy Ivanov via unanimous decision

Published on July 15, 2018 at 12:00 am
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