UFC Vet Julie Kedzie Goes Off On ‘Utterly F—king Stupid’ Tito Ortiz For Anti-Mask Views

Retired UFC fighter Julie Kedzie is enraged by the continued anti-mask actions of former fighter and Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz

Julie Kedzie
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While Tito Ortiz and Julie Kedzie have commonality in their status as former UFC fighters, they do not see the same way on some major issues. This was seen big time when Julie went off on Tito for his controversial worldview.

Kedzie, like many of us, was baffled by the fact that Ortiz actually managed to be elected to public office. Nevertheless, the former light heavyweight champion scored a spot on the Huntington Beach City Council in the 2020 elections.

However things have not been going well for Tito in his early run as an elected official. His refusal to wear a mask has left him trolled during meetings, and getting into altercations with citizens that lead to police intervention.

Julie Kedzie Goes Off On Tito Ortiz

Julie Kedzie is a retired fighter who is considered a bit of a pioneer in women’s MMA. She has fought under the UFC, Hook ‘n Shoot, and Strikeforce banners, largely in a time that women were not accepted in the sport.

However it would be safe to say that Julie does not align her beliefs with that of fellow UFC vet Tito Ortiz. Recently the Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem posted a video explaining that he was barred from council meetings without a mask.

Since Tito is very clear that he believes the global pandemic to be a conspiracy theory, he must now only participate via Zoom, a move he finds disgusting. However Kedzie finds his antics a bit disgusting herself, as she explained on Twitter.

“MMA is exceptionally positioned in my life as the chief touchstone for igniting my creative passion.

And also the chief source of embarrassment and shame for me.

MMA means I’ll forever be affiliated with so many harmful, so many UTTERLY F—KING STUPID people.”


Those were not kind words from Julie Kedzie in the least. In a further tweet, she explained why she cared about this issue, explaining that she cares deeply about MMA and hates to see the sport represented by someone like Ortiz.

“For the record (and for the people who are ever-so-sweetly asking me what the Tito s—t has to do with me), I’ve been professionally involved with the MMA community since 2004.

Often, the loudest voices from a group are perceived as representative of the entire group.

I love Mixed Martial Arts. This sport/art/entertainment —however you choose to characterize it—has given me SO MUCH. I want to give back to it.

Also: I’m an American citizen.

Actively learning about & holding elected American politicians accountable for being f—king stupid and hurting other people is not only my right, but my responsibility as a member of THIS (much larger and more harmful ) community.

I haven’t pulled my share. I need to —and will—do it more.

And really f—king loudly.”




Where do you sit on this debate between Julie Kedzie and Tito Ortiz? Is Julie in the right here, or do you think she is making this a bigger deal than it needs to be?

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