WACTH: Juancamilo Ronderos Hits Rare ‘Sneaky Pete’ Submission, Causes Post-Fight Brawl!

Juancamilo Ronderos
Photo via Instagram @1camilor

Fight Ends In Insanity After Arm Breaking Submission

Juancamilo Ronderos has introduced a gruesome new submission to the MMA world. Unfortunately, this caused a crazy incident in its aftermath.

Ronderos took on Matthew Elliot for the WXC Flyweight title, on UFC Fight Pass. It was here that he scored the never before seen “sneaky pete” submission on his opponent. This resulted in a technical submission, as Elliot’s arm visibly breaks, and the ref stopped the fight.

Although MMA is no stranger to crazy submissions, the ‘sneaky pete’ is a move that was taught to Ronderos by his coach Dennis Davis. Davis spoke to MMAJunkie, explaining that he learned about this move.

“It’s one of those moves that once you know it, it’s hard to catch guys, but if you’ve got a big, strong dude on top of you – like the guy that was fighting Juan – and it’s hard to get up, it’s go for broke, and that move always freaking works.”

Check out the video of the crazy submission below:

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#andnew and I knew. @wxcmma flyweight champion… I broke his arm with a sneaky Pete submission! #letmeexplain , I heard a loud snap looked at the ref and my opponent did not tap my coach yelled break it, so I humped hard and heard a louder snap. As I broke his arm he screamed the ref pushed him off , I was not out at any moment he didnt have anything on me. he punched me 3 to 4 times after the fight was waived off which caused my to get upset and go after him.. he is a tough kid. after the bigass refs tackled me he said I saw him hit you first you are okay.. I apologized to him right after and told him you did hit me after the fight was over. he did not apologize to me. I will post more as the days go by thank you all I love you!! #strapseason sneaky Pete submission, courtesy of #piranhaU (@dennisdavismma @xcmma ) @romanisbellmma

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As you can see in the video, there is clearly some serious damage done to the arm. However, when the ref pulled Elliot off, he threw additional punches to Ronderos. Subsequently, Ronderos stormed Elliot, punching him back while the ref was trying to interfere.

Ronderos opened up on the incident, later.

“The ref started screaming because I broke his arm. He pulled him off and said the fight’s over. He waved it off. After the ref pushed him off and waved it off, I don’t know why, he threw three or four punches in my face. My hands were down because I’m trying to get up because he’s already pushed him off.

I thought the fight was over. He hit me three or four times, and that got my blood boiling, and I just started punching and cussing at him. The ref tackled me and said, ‘He hit you first. You’re fine you’re fine. Don’t worry.’ I apologized to him right after.”

What do you think of the “sneaky pete” submission, and the chaos that ensued after Juancamilo Ronderos was victorious?

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