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Josh Neer’s “victim” may have actually won the fight, claims Dentist only scored after-hours violence

Josh Neer’s “victim” may have actually won the fight, claims Dentist only scored after-hours violence

Did Josh Neer just beat the bejesus out of some provocative anti-friend from Facebook?  If you ask YouTube, yes he did.  “Neer has poked you six times in a row,” Facebook may have notified the man, whose name is Patrick Martin.

“With his elbow,” Facebook may have continued.

But according to Martin, the thirteen-second YouTube clip occurred “after the bell,” and after the previously dominating Internet superhero had lost his mouth protection.

“My side is that we had a 3 minute sparring round that he couldn’t score or take me down! He threw wild punches I dodged and counter and with my 16oz gloves I did all the punching also mixed a couple kicks in! Everything you see is after the round bell sounded as I turned away from him picking up my mouth piece I dropped after the round!” he explained to Emmery Myers of MMAFighting.

According to Martin, the feud initially gained fuel after her bought Neer beers.  “ . . . [H]e’s adding all this talk, that I talk shit about MMA fighters when I talked shit to him after disrespecting me a bout a wrestling drill I was tired in! So I left it alone till I saw him out and I bought him a couple beers and then he walked of talking shit to his buddy about me! So I blew up on him on Facebook demanding a full contact spar! I said I’ll bring 16oz. So the beef is with him and a couple other of his gyms fighter who was talking shit on my page!”

Then the two met, and Josh posted that edited video of his.  But the problem with edited videos is that they leave room for speculation about the indefinite preceding period.  And this at least gives hypothetical credence to Martin’s perspective.  “He don’t wanna show the full video so I’ll let him think he won!” he continued. “I seen his game plan fighting me and that’s not gonna work!”  His claim that he was at least competitive seems more plausible given he has had boxing and wrestling experience.  Martin says he “boxed growing up . . . wrestled till high school” and then won his only amateur MMA bout 8 years ago in Iowa City.

Martin claims the two agreed to a one-round sparring match, but that  an angry Neer insisted they have a “real fight.”  Martin disagreed.  And so, they started the timer.  Martin says the unedited video would show the following: “Me hitting him, him throwing wild, me dodging and countering, him trying twice to take me down which where failed attempts, me after the round was over walking away bending over to pick up my mouth piece, him shooting and mounting! I remember me scoring and him not the whole round!”

Want to see for yourself if he’s the real deal?  The 6’6, 240-pound Martin plans to make his professional MMA debut in June against a fellow named Terrence Reasby. 

Conclusion:  One of these men was doing his own thing, and one of these men is a delusional psychopath.  And given that Neer has only allowed us to viddy the tail end of some edited ultraviolence, oh my brothers, the conspiratorial presumption appears to rest on his own downwards-striking shoulders.

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