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Josh Koscheck hopes GSP never comes back to MMA

Josh Koscheck hopes GSP never comes back to MMA

I’m happy that my Casio G-Shock watch is solar powered and I never have to replace the batteries. Unless my region of the world gets struck with an electromagnetic pulse attack, I will always know what time it is, and always have a nifty digital stopwatch that I can use for whatever people use stopwatches for. That being said, I’m happy the sun decided to come out today to recharge my watch and simultaneously enabled the groundhog to see his shadow. The sooner the summer arrives as a direct result of the groundhog seeing his shadow, the sooner we get to GSP return to MMA (even though he says he’s going to make his return in the Fall). I’m also ecstatic that Josh Koscheck’s eye has healed from his fight with Georges St. Pierre and he’s finally back to competing in MMA. As much people hate to admit it, he’s an exciting fighter and a necessary ‘villain’ in what’s otherwise a (mostly) respectful welterweight division.

What makes me unhappy is that GSP isn’t fighting Nick Diaz this weekend at UFC 143 and that Josh Koscheck has gone as far to say that he hopes Georges never comes back to MMA, but if he does, that he’s nowhere near the level he was before tearing his ACL.

“I’m interested in the outcome of the Diaz vs. Condit fight on Saturday night. Should be a good fight. Hopefully Georges is out for more than 10 months and they can make that Interim titleholder fight twice. Hopefully he never comes back. ACL surgeries can take a lot out of you. They say you truly don’t recover after those. I’ve had friends who have had those and they say they’re not the same so hopefully it equals out the playing field and we can get another crack at Georges.”

I don’t want to live in a world where the sun doesn’t come out to recharge my watch and groundhogs can’t see their shadows. If the rest of us had the multitasking ability of the sun, we’d easily be able to solve the Norwegian butter crisis, and still have time get-in a 40-minute cardiovascular workout in the same day. Canadians didn’t need additional reasons to dislike Josh Koscheck, but if they did, then we just hooked them up. In these times of political uncertainty, at least Kos doesn’t flip-flop on his hatred of Canada and their most beloved MMA Champion. More politicians should look to Josh Koscheck about sticking to their message, regardless of how many times you lose in the court of public opinion. [Source]

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