UFC On ESPN 2 Results: Josh Emmett Put Michael Johnson To Sleep Via Stunning Overhand Right! (Highlights)

Josh Emmett
Josh Emmett

Josh Emmett Knocked Out Michael Johnson Cold At The Last Minute Of The Third Round!

UFC on ESPN 2 is happening now Saturday (March 30, 2019) live from inside Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the Featherweight bout between the former WCFC 155-pound champ Josh “Grim Reaper” Emmett and ex-XCF and MFL Lightweight kingpin Michael “The Menace” Johnson.

The referee in charge for this contest is Keith Peterson. The war begins!

Round 1

Johnson attacks with a left cross but Emmett ducks under and goes towards his opponent. Emmett goes for a takedown, superb defense by Johnson, stopped. Another takedown attempt neutralized.

Low kick Emmett, now fighters trading shots, right hook Johnson. It seems this right hand knocked Emmett back. Johnson throws another left hand a few seconds later.

Johnson is looking for that lead left, while Emmett punishes him with a good low kick. Fighters trade shots, but both block well, no clean shots in this exchange. Emmett is trying to take his opponent down, but stuffed again. Brutal body kick Johnson, and this turns into a wild brawl, Emmett lands a big left hook. The end of the round, I am unsure, very close round.

Round 2

Both men open up aggressively, Emmett lands a big right to the body. Now Johnson counters with a dangerous left hand. Good lead right hand by Emmett, Johnson answers with a hook seconds later. Fighters staring at each other. Johnson delivers a good leg kick, and now solid straight left. Johnson eats a strong body shot, but responds with two strikes to the opponent’s head.

Amazing left hand delivered by Johnson. Hard jab, Emmett responds with a body shot. Left hook Johnson, but Emmett counters with a strong right hand to the opponent’s head. Right punch to the body Emmett, head kick blocked.

It seems this is a low blow from Emmett, Keith Peterson calls time!

The fight is restarted, and Emmett is immediately cracked by straight left hand. Emmett attacks to the body again, and goes for a takedown attempt but Johnson defends like a pro, the end of the round. I think 10-9 Johnson, good round.  

Round 3

The final round starts. Emmett pushes forward, goes aggressively. Johnson circles around and delivers a big left hook, great counterattack. Emmett goes for a double leg but Johnson defends again.

It seems Emmett is in the center of the cage in this round, while “Menace” circles around and waits for the perfect moment. Big overhand right to the chin of Josh Emmett! Despite excellent Octagon control, Emmett is having a hard time hitting his rival in this round.

Straight left hand Johnson, Emmett responds with a left hook. This is a much better round for Emmett.

Check out the highlights below:

Pros reaction:

Wow, a superb overhand right and Emmett knocks Michael Johnson out cold!!! What a way to finish the fight, wow!!!


Final Result: Josh Emmett defeats Michael Johnson via KO (punch), round 3, 4:14


Josh Emmett improves the score to 14-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC , Michael Johnson drops to 19-14 MMA, 11-10 UFC.

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