Josh Barnett will continue to clown guys at grappling tourneys until someone steps up to fight him

Alright, I promise this will be the last Josh Barnett story unless the dude…kills an infant by anaconda choke or something equally extraordinary. The irony of the ‘Babyfaced Assassin’ actually assassinating a baby is hilariously…disturbing. A couple days ago, Barnett said that Tim Sylvia and Antonio Bigfoot Silva has refused to fight him for the Dream Heavyweight Title. You can’t blame them. Who the hell wants to fight a guy ranked on a list of the top ten heavyweights in the world? My entire life has consisted of ways in which I will not fight anyone that has allegedly used performance enhancing drugs twice in their lifetime. It’s cool though. Josh Barnett has been clowning guys in grappling tournaments for months now racking up more ‘W’s than discarded Wu-Tang Clan albums. Check out this video of Josh Barnett this past weekend at the ‘St Valentines Day Massacre’ grappling tournament. Catch wrestling ftw. [Source]


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