Josh Barnett vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva on for Sengoku 10?

So now that everyone is over the whole ‘Josh Barnett got caught with steroids so he ripped down an entire organization in his downfall including my three non-refundable plane tickets to Anaheim’ thing, can we just see this guy fight? Dude is still the #3 ranked heavyweight in the world just after your boy Brock Lesnar and of course newly Strikeforce’d Fedor ‘I punch harder than gravity’ Emelianenko. Fedor can arm bar a black hole out of existence, dude is that powerful. So after it was announced that Bigfoot signed with Sengoku and once he confined with all of his Sasquatch brothers, he called out Josh Barnett saying pretty much that juiced up or not he would still like to fight him in his debut Sengoku match. Steroid use means absolutely nothing in Japan. If they could strap gloves on a panda bear and teach it how to pull off a kimura, it would headline it’s next MMA card…versus Jose Canseco. Even Wikipedia has Josh Barnett vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva lined up for it’s Sengoku 10 card. Yeah we know anyone can create a Wikipedia entry which we’ve already seen from people vandalizing Josh Barnett’s Wikipedia page. But when it finally goes down we reserve the right to tell you ‘we told you so’.



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