Josh Barnett understands the importance of looting fallen enemies

If I were Josh Barnett’s manager, I would tell him to attend all media events with a skull painted on his face dressed as an Urak-hai Orc warrior. Dive in with both feet, that’s what I say. If the commission allows it, The Warmaster should at least be carrying a battle ax and a side arm to the Strikeforce cage on September 10th. A poison tipped dagger perhaps? Or maybe the dagger is enchanted. I don’t know, we can figure that out later.

Barnett took a bit of time away from doing whatever a Warmaster does (mastering war and catch wrestling?) and hopped on the Heavyweight Grand Prix conference call of death to make a declaration:

Titles and things like that are the spoils of war. You have to go out and win battles before you raid the dead of all their belongings. Honestly I would love it if the finals of this tournament were for the heavyweight title. It would be a nice punctuation mark at the end of it and that doesn’t change getting my job done. I have to go out there and beat my opponent otherwise you walk home with a black eye and wounded pride

It’s good that Barnett practices good looting habits. A few copper from a corpse here and there can add up to a fine meal, brew and wench at the next town’s tavern. And you never know if an enemy has a drop that will begin a quest.


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