Josh Barnett tells us why every MMA fan should watch his benefit concert tonight in Hollywood

From the depths of hellfire and the forever slain comes a metal concert created to solely benefit relief efforts in Japan. Josh Barnett’s ‘The Sun Forever Rising’ will feature a small militia of metal acts, all with ominous names and equally scary band logos. Heads will explode, portals to different dimensions will open and chained, red-eyed mutants will jump through with the ability to breath fire on an already scorched earth. Blood will fill the streets and we will all be standing knee-deep in a river of violence — and Josh Barnett will be the one to thank.

We caught up with Barnett yesterday and asked why MMA fans should attend his concert and support the cause, here’s what he said.

“Not only is this for a good cause but this is a great line up of some of the metal industry’s best. To see guys like All Shall Perish, Animals As Leaders, Cattle Decapitation, Abysmal Dawn all on the same card is a show worth double the price. Plus we are doing an in-house raffle giving away great stuff from: ESP Guitars, Coffin Case, Tokidoki, EA Games, Radical Books, Metal Blade Records, Sumerian Records, Nuclear Blast Records, and more.

Japan has given much to me over the years and it’s a chance for me to give back at a time when the land and the people could use it most. As MMA fans the money you put towards this show is not just money for the country but towards helping find stability again which will help the MMA scene which we have grown to love. People in the Japanese MMA community have been affected by this as well you can be assured.

This will be a great night of music and mayhem and I promise, I’ll deliver not only to Japan but I’ll do so and do it metal \m/

(These notes written while listening to Immortal: Sons Of Northern Darkness)”

I’m sure someone out there can appreciate the inner-mechanics of great metal better than I can. We’re not sure what’s more dangerous, last week’s Cage vs. Cons or Josh Barnett’s upcoming show — which will undoubtedly be overflowing with overactive moshing. Check out the flyer for more information on the concert going down tonight in Hollywood, CA.

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