Josh Barnett repairs a broken nose with two pens in a moment of WTFness

Strange, Japanese artifacts is Barnett’s middle name so it’s highly probably that Josh Barnett frequently visits the many ‘PopKiller‘ shops in Hollywood, CA. That’s a very long middle name for someone to have. We should just abbreviate it to Josh ‘SJA’ Barnett, and when people ask what his middle name means, just tell them to go to PopKiller. Once they see the baby blue space glasses, they’ll figure it out. We’re not sure if Josh Barnett learned how to repair people’s noses with ballpoint pens from PopKiller, but if he did, that’s one hell of a one-stop shop.

Check out this MMAHeat video of Josh Barnett surgically repairing a broken nose with two writing utensils. [Source]

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