Joseph Benavidez talks about being ranked the number one flyweight in history

Joseph Benavidez never has to worry about shopping at the Big and Tall store. An extra large shirt will never be hung on a hanger in his wardrobe closet. At 125 lbs, you could probably fit two Joseph Benavidezs inside your body. Technically, if you weigh over 250 lbs, the inside of your body could be host to two of the top flyweights in the world fighting completely inside your torso. That’s an amazing concept to digest. The Octagon can be removed from the fight and the entire bout could take place within your body. That’s next-level MMA right there.

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Benavidez this past weekend to get his take on multiple MMA news sources ranking him as the number one flyweight in MMA history. Joseph also discusses Urijah Faber and his ability to get pretty much any chick he wants. Basically, Urijah Faber is the opposite of you.

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