Jose Aldo shopping for his first suit is a hilarious occasion

Notice that everyone in this clip is laughing, including Jose Aldo. I would be cracking up if I absolutely knew that I could cross off ‘Getting a flying knee to the face’ off my list of ‘Unexpected bad things that can happen if I step in the cage with Jose Aldo’. That’s a pretty long title for a very important list. The list serves as a constant reminder that as long as I’m behind a computer monitor, I’m relatively safe from getting every orbital bone smashed by a guy from Brazil. Still, no word on if the constant radiation emanating from my screen is going to give me some form of brain cancer in the next ten years.

Prior to this video, Jose Aldo never owned a suit. In fact, the guy doesn’t care about these ‘suit’ things. Wallid Ismail and Jose Aldo are from Manaus, Brazil where one is deemed ‘cheeken’ if they even propose to purchase a suit. Therefore, it was necessary that Black House record the entire process, which turns out to be an overly hilarious occasion. [Source]

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