Jose Aldo retains in a nasty grudge match against Chad Mendes

Now this was a fight. After a card that’s best moment inside the cage was Anderson Silva flawlessly jogging into it, we needed this. Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes was exactly what we enjoyed about the sport, but haven’t seen in a while. IE two highly-talented and extremely motivated fighters going 100% at each other. Yeah, it was dirty at times. There were 3 nut shots, two eye pokes (and no cage grabbing) by my count. But the most dastardly of moments came from Jose Aldo when he dropped Chad Mendes like a bag of acai berries after the bell rang (or the horn sounded) at the end of round one. Many scoffed, Eddie Gurrero smiled from Heaven. The fights intensity was a breath of fresh air after a night of ho-hum action. I mean, Chris Leben! 

It was a back and forth battle that layed just perfectly enough on the side of Jose. Chad zigged, Jose zagged. No doubt Chad got in his shots, but Jose ate them and moved forward. This was a new Jose Aldo. Before he killed for fun, and while Chad was game enough to fend off Scarface, there’s no doubt this was Mean Jose. He was angry. Months of shit talk motivated him to finally be the guy in the fifth round pushing forward and throwing strikes with intentions to finish. 

It was the best fight in months.

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