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Jose Aldo just wants to be treated better by the media and the UFC

Jose Aldo just wants to be treated better by the media and the UFC

I would take Jose Aldo to a place with free refills if he ever wanted to hang out. I may live in my Mom’s basement, but that doesn’t mean I can’t treat a UFC star right. I feel for Jose Aldo, because I relate to him. I’m a young man in my prime, not making enough money, surrounded by bowls full of acai berries, noting every time I poop that the berries are tinting my log a darker hue. 

I buy my berries frozen in bulk. I bet Jose does too. Rinse them.

And when Jose says, “get treated better” he means get paid more. Don’t know what the media can do about that, I just started and I can tell you I only get paid in coupons for bulk bags of frozen acai berries. Would Jose care about what me, a lonely boy (with a sweet PC gaming rig) really says about him? I don’t know.

Guilherme Cruz of talked to Jose and treated him well. Then he got this quote from him:

“The athlete is not treated like he deserves. We deserve better,. I’m not speaking only about the UFC, but about the media as well. The fans treat us really well. We suffer a lot and live to do a show. We get paid way less than we deserve. We deliver shows and deserve to get paid more. We practically pay to do this. You deserve to get better paid if you sell the fight.”

“To get closer to boxing is complicated, but it would be great. Boxing is in the culture around the world for a long time, while the UFC is new and is still growing. I think it’s hard to get closer to what boxing pays their athletes, but we work for that. If they do get closer one day, I think I’ll be retired already.”


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