Jose Aldo is honoring Mark Hominick by adding another skull to his shoulder tattoo

Everyone likes to keep track of awesome things they have done in life. If you’ve hit a mIf you’ve banged a bunch of hot chicks maybe you have a shoe box full of naughty pictures on the top shelf of your bedroom closet. If you’ve been the top scorer in your local frisbee golf league, you probably have a wall full of commemorative frisbees.

What if you are a fighter and you’ve got a list of opponents that you have beaten into blobs of bloody pulpy tissue? How do you honor or commemorate your victories? Jose Aldo does it by tattooing a depiction of your skull on his shoulder underneath what appears to be a cross gravemarker. Tatame magazine cauhgt up with him post-Mark Hominick fight and asked him if he would be adding Hominick to his skull tat collection:

Tatame: Have you already stamped another head on your shoulder? (Aldo has tattooed on his shoulders skulls which represents the opponents he’s defeated)

Aldo: I wish, I didn’t have time for it yet, but I have to prepare one good one, because after this great fight I will have to make it special to represent the greatness of this bout. Of course I’ll “honor” Hominick.

I wonder if Mark Hominick’s special skull rendition will have a large egg like object erupting from it’s frontal lobe? [Source]

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