Jorge Masvidal To Kamaru Usman: ‘I’m Gonna Break Those Bones In Your Face Like A F—king Chicken Wing’

Jorge Masvidal sends an ominous message to Kamaru Usman as he prepares for their UFC 261 title fight rematch

Jorge Masvidal
Photos via Instagram @gamebredfighter @usman84kg

Welterweight champ Kamaru Usman will be having a rematch with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261. If the BMF champ has his way, Usman will leave this fight with a rearranged face.

When Usman and Masvidal met for the first time, it was on short notice after Gilbert Burns was forced out due to a positive COVID-19 test. In the end, the bout would be a little on the boring side, with the champ controlling Jorge against the cage for five rounds, en route to a clear unanimous decision victory.

Following Usman’s win over the aforementioned Burns, he demanded a rematch with Gamebred, in spite of the fact that he had not fought since losing the first time. Kamaru wanted to silence the doubters who claimed that things would have been different if the fight was not short notice, and the UFC obliged, booking this rematch for the UFC 261 main event in May, which will also feature the first packed arena since the start of the pandemic.

Jorge Masvidal Wants To Break Kamaru Usman’s Face

Ahead of this fight, Jorge Masvidal has shown nothing but the utmost confidence that things will go his way. He continued this trend with a recent post to his Instagram, offering an ominous threat to Kamaru Usman.

The video, which was downloaded and reposted to YouTube, sees Jorge threatening to break Kamaru’s face for bringing up his religion. He also fires some shots at his old rival, Ben Askren.

“I got a picture perfect moment coming up, courtesy of Usman’s face. I can’t wait. I’m gonna break those bones in your face like a f—king chicken wing. You been talking a lot of crap, bringing religion into it. Fighters shouldn’t bring religion into it, but there you go,” Masvidal said, before gesturing to a picture of him knocking out Askren over his shoulder.

“Can’t wait to dismantle you. I’m gonna do you worse than I did that bum over there, whatever his f—king name is, still talking s—t too. That’s you who got the knee, not me b—ch. Don’t bring up my name, because every time you see me, you don’t want to talk to me, you want to go the other way, so shut the f—k up.

“All this s—t online, and all this (blah blah blah), who gives a f—k? When you and Usman see me, you tuck tail, you go the other way, or you ask somebody to get in between us. You’re both b—ches, and I’m gonna end you both the same way,” Masvidal added.

“Don’t you worry. You shouldn’t have said s—t about my religion though, b—ch. I never called myself Jesus. I can’t wait though, to f—king end your ass in a very violent way.”

There was certainly a mixed reaction to the idea of Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal having a rematch, given the nature of their first fight. Time will tell if things end up going differently this time, and if Jorge can do what he is planning on doing.

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