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Jorge Masvidal Plans To Slap Michael Bisping After Till Fight At UFC London!

Jorge Masvidal Plans To Slap Michael Bisping After Till Fight At UFC London!

Jorge Masvidal Would Like To Slap Michael Bisping In London Once There Are No UFC Officials To Step In!

The former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping is a legendary trash-talker who provoked many fighters. But the guy who has a special reason to be angry at him is Welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal.

The two crossed their paths for the first time few days before UFC 217, inside UFC fighter hotel, in New York City, on November 1st, 2017. It started as a shouting exchange but ended up in a set of creative and ugly insults and gestures. Luckily, it didn’t escalate to a physical showdown.

The second altercation happened only two days later. Michael Bisping was obviously determined to piss Jorge Masvidal off. No fists, knees or kicks were thrown, but the two fighters came fairly close!

They saw each other again and this time it was just him #BackyardstoBrightLights #Gamebred

Oh, but that’s not everything. Jorge Masvidal had another interesting altercation with Michael Bisping in Shanghai, China. Luckily, the UFC security stopped the bigger incident. Masvidal’s statement from March 2018 describes what exactly happened. (h/t MMAMania)

 “We had another incident actually in China, which not too many people know about. So we were in China and [Bisping] got knocked out by [Kelvin] Gastelum, and I’m not going to fuck with nobody who just got knocked out, especially the way he did. It was like the Holy Ghost left his body, you know?”

“So I see him coming through the lobby, I was with numerous fans taking pictures and so I [turn] my back [to him]. I’m like ‘I don’t even want to see this dude right now’ but I’m not going to just run away either, and leave the fans hanging. I just got back to my hotel and people are forming a line, I’m going to give them the pictures that they want. So I got my back to him and I see him out of the corner of my eye, and I’m trying to like turn away so he doesn’t see my face. Just like a side-profile or something. But he comes right up to my face, sticks his middle finger in my face and starts going ‘fuck you, fuck you, piece of shit, you low-life, you ain’t shit man.’

“[He] starts to walk away, and I immediately lost my shit and I went after him and [UFC VP of Athlete Development] Reed Harris and company got in between us, and the UFC security. He did the whole show and stuff, talking shit while he’s backing up, getting into the elevator… I’m like why do all that when nothing comes out of it you know? You could have just sent me a message and told me hey lets meet at the workout room and talk about this, but he’s just not going to do that, you know?”

“So I immediately send him a message, and I ended up posting it online because he’s such a punk, letting him know ‘man, stop disrespecting me every time you see me, just be man about it. Pick a place and lets go and lets fucking do it like men. Why are we talking? We both can fight to some degree—I don’t think he can fight for shit, but he claims to be a fighter—lets just go and scrap it out. That way we stop flirting with each other online.’”

Jorge Masvidal is set to fight Darren Till at UFC London, on March 16, 2019. But “Gamebred” hopes he will meet Michael Bisping one on one. He wants to slap the British when UFC officials aren’t around to protect him.

“He’s going to get it one day when the UFC officials ain’t around,” Masvidal told Radio. “If I get to see Bisping after the Till fight and slap him up, what a super plus. That’s like a 50K bonus if I just get to slap up that little trick bag in his own city. Oh, I’d pay a good amount of my hard-earned money. Everybody here in this knows we don’t earn the money the easiest way that it can be earned. Man, I would spend a lot of my own money just to be put in the cell with him showcasing it.”

Would you like to see the fourth altercation, and maybe a physical showdown between Michael Bisping and Jorge Masvidal?

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