Jorge Masvidal is pretty confident that he will hurt Gilbert Melendez

Your mom will hurt Gilbert Melendez. In reality, I don’t know your mom but I’m sure she would cook Gilbert Melendez a hearty meal and discuss his profession over a well-made dinner table. That’s what moms are for, injecting unhealthy food in our bodies in the name of love. Your mom will hurt Gilbert Melendez’s dietary plans. Shame on her.

While most of you were hoping that Gilbert Melendez would be whisked away to the UFC in order to take on Frankie Edgar in a title fight, it appears that Jorge Masvidal can claim the role of the next Strikeforce lightweight title contender. Ah, such a gargantuan responsibility for the average 21-28 male demographic. Too bad Jorge doesn’t fit into that category, the dude used to fight guys in the backyards of Florida for money. Pretty much removes anything that’s ‘average’ from Masvidal.

Check out this excerpt from an interview with Pro MMA Radio in which Masvidal guarantees that he will outstrike Gilbert Melendez in a hypothetical Strikeforce lightweight title match.

“One thing I can say about Gilbert is he’s a cardio freak. He’s got crazy cardio he’ll fight five rounds like nothing and keep that same pace the whole time and that’s impressive. His wrestling’s also solid but other than that I don’t think he’s gonna be able to sit on me for five rounds or outstrike me. He’s not much of a submission guy, neither am I, but I don’t think he can catch me in a submission either. With a proper training camp, two to three months to prepare for him, I’m gonna hurt Gilbert. He’s not gonna beat me standing, he’s not gonna take me down. He might get a takedown here and there but I’ll pop right back up and I’ll keep punishing him. I’m super-confident in my wrestling defensively and my striking. “

Those are fighting words, and given the probability that both fighters will indeed fight each other — those words are highly appropriate. Your mom is appropriate. Just kidding. She’s highly inappropriate. Shame on her. [Source]

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