Jordan Leavitt Doesn’t Let Hate From Fans Get Him Down, ‘I Don’t Fit The Fighter Persona’

UFC fighter Jordan Leavitt is ok with the fact that he is not the typical "macho" fighter and gets some hate from the fans over it.

Jordan Leavitt
Jordan Leavitt on Instagram

UFC lightweight Jordan Leavitt isn’t trying to be something he is not. 

Many times in the UFC a fighter will adopt a fake persona or an exaggerated form of themself in order to gain fans. We often see fighters trying to emulate other more successful fighters but either trash-talking or making callouts on social media. Jordan Leavitt is not like this. He is just trying to be himself even if the fans are not as accepting as they should be. 

Leavitt has been rising up the lightweight ranks for two years now. He came into the UFC following a win on Dana White’s Contender Series. He now has three wins in the organization, but recently lost a bout to Paddy Pimblett at UFC London. Coming into that fight with Pimblett, Leavitt was in the spotlight more than he had been in other fights. Pimblett is a big name and the back and forth between the two drew some more eyes to Leavitt in the lead-up.

Jordan Leavitt lets the hate from fans roll off his back 

Leavitt spoke bout the kind of messages he gets from fans and haters on social media and how he deals with them while on the Wah-Gwaan Podcast.

“When I was in high school, I’ve always been very soft-spoken, overly polite, but I think I was just awkward,” he explained. “I wasn’t really comfortable in my own skin but I guess now when people tell me I’m gay and they send me penis pictures, which I think is pretty gay. “If you say a guy’s gay, how is you sending your penis to me show me that I’m, I don’t know.”

Leavitt is secure with himself despite what the fans think about him. He seems to enjoy fighting in the Octagon and shows it with his signature twerking after every win. His promising to do the same to Pimbeltt is what led to their trash-talking in the first place. 

“I just let it roll off my back. I think it’s funny. I can’t be, I’m not masculine. I’m not macho. I don’t fit the whole fighter persona,” he said. “But you know, I read the message, I’m sad about for a second but then I go home and lay down with my wife and that’s how I deal with it.”

Following the loss in London, Leavitt does not have another fight booked at this time. 

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