Jonesy goes over Xur’s location and new gear in Destiny

It’s the weekend so the UFC is probably on. The weekend also means that Xur is chilling somewhere in the tower pining for his home planet. Because apparently Xur has a home planet, and the Nine that he represents are some pretty important movers and shakers? Didn’t know this? That’s okay, the only person who did was the one guy who actually went online to read the information that killing 1000 Fallen enemies unlocks. That grimore though. So if you haven’t abandoned Destiny completely for that Call of Duty pew pew pew, and still wish to lock n load with your alien zapper blaster, here is what the concept art for a supporting character from Resident Evil 4 is selling this weekend in Destiny. 

Crest of Alpha Lupi – Titan Chest Armor – 13 Strange Coins
  • 339/439 Defense 
  • Light +21; Intellect +108
  • Revive teammates faster. Spawn more orbs.
  • Carry more ammo for Special Weapons
  • Carry More ammo for Auto Rifles
Mask of the Third Man – Hunter Helmet – 13 Strange Coins
  • 311/402 Defense
  • Light +21; Intellect+103
  • Increased melee attack speed
  • Replenish health when you pick up an Orb
  • Arc Blade attacks use less super energy
Sunbreakers – Warlock Gauntlets – 13 Strange Coins

  • 254 Defense (out of 329)
  • Light +21, Intellect +76
  • Increases the duration of your solar grenade
  • Increased reload speed with Special Weapons
  • Melee Hits replenish Grenade energy
Truth – Rocket Launcher – 17 Strange Coins
  • 260 Attack (out of 300)
  • Just barely under full bar of blast radius
  • Rounds fired from this weapon seek their targets aggressively
  • Rockets from this weapon wll detonate early based on proximity to targets.
Exotic Helmet Engram – 23 Motes of Light
Xur only shows up on the weekend, so to make sure he’s chilling at the tower in your time zone be sure double check It will make Ted happy. 
JONESY’S PICK: Mask of the Third Man



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